Three Essential Hacks for the Great Outdoors

The Trifecta in Preparedness

An experienced wilderness survivalist knows that being prepared for any situation is key to a successful outdoor adventure. While the Ten Essentials are the foundation of your hiking and camping gear, there are a few additional hacks that can make your time in the wilderness even more enjoyable and safe. In this article, I'll share three essential hacks that have proven invaluable in my years of outdoor exploration.


Multi-Purpose Bandana: The Swiss Army Knife of Outdoor Gear

One of the most versatile and underrated pieces of gear you can carry is a simple bandana. This unassuming piece of cloth has a multitude of uses. It can serve as a headband to keep sweat out of your eyes, a dust mask to protect your lungs, a pot holder to handle hot cookware, or even a water filter when tied over a container to remove large debris. In emergency situations, a bandana can be torn into strips for bandages, or even fashioned into a makeshift sling. Additionally, you can soak it in cold water and wrap it around your neck to help cool down in hot weather. Don't leave for your next adventure without a trusty bandana.


Duct Tape: The Ultimate Outdoor Repair Kit

Duct tape is the unsung hero of the outdoor world. It's an essential tool for quick, on-the-fly repairs. Whether it's a torn tent, a leaky water bottle, or a broken strap on your backpack, duct tape can save the day. For a more compact and lightweight solution, you can wrap several feet of duct tape around a trekking pole or even a water bottle to ensure it's always within reach. Duct tape is also useful for blister prevention; apply it to hot spots on your feet before they turn into painful blisters. In the outdoors, duct tape is your best friend when things don't go as planned.


Mini Bungee Cords: Keeping Your Gear Secure

When you're on the move, keeping your gear organized and secure is essential. Mini bungee cords are a compact and lightweight solution for this. Use them to attach gear to the outside of your backpack, like a jacket or sleeping pad. You can also string them across the front of your backpack to hang wet clothes or gear for easy drying on the go. Additionally, bungee cords can be used to create a makeshift shelter in a pinch by securing a tarp or poncho to trees or other anchor points. These versatile cords are an invaluable addition to your outdoor toolkit.


While the Ten Essentials provide the foundation for outdoor preparedness, these three additional hacks—multipurpose bandanas, duct tape, and mini bungee cords—will greatly enhance your outdoor experience. As a seasoned wilderness survivalist, I can attest to the countless times these simple yet effective items have come to the rescue in the great outdoors. So, whether you're embarking on a hike, camping trip, or a full-blown survival expedition, remember to pack these additional essentials for a more comfortable and secure adventure.