1. It's Time for Paddlefest!

    It's Time for Paddlefest!

    Paddlefest 2018

    The weather is nice and what better place to be is at the lake...Lake Pleasant that is! Paddlefest is back so grab the family and head over to have a splash and enjoy the day!

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  2. The New

    The New

    Welcome to the all-NEW Arizona!

    We’ve been working long and hard to bring you a website that provides equipment and classes, as well as, gives you a place to continually come for reliable information. Take a look around and let us know if there’s something we can help you with and check back often, as we’ll be constantly updating it.

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  3. What to Expect in Beginning Rock Climbing

    What to Expect in Beginning Rock Climbing

    Have an interest in Rock Climbing?

    If you'd like to try it and don't have a clue what to expect, check out ABC 15's first look at what you're in for, courtesy of Arizona Climbing and Adventure School.

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  4. Yes, We Have Footwear!

    Yes, We Have Footwear!

    Let us fit you to the perfect shoe!

    The Arizona Hiking Shack has earned its reputation for custom boot fitting. Over the years we have established a reliable system for finding the right fit for your feet as well as the right footwear solution for your adventure. Our method of boot fitting is based on the Phil Oren system.

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  5. Sun Protective Clothing

    Sun Protective Clothing

    Enjoy the sun without the damage.

    In Arizona, not being in the sun during the summer time isn't really an option. Most of us slather on our favorite sunscreen and go about our day from May to September. Sure, there are plenty of conversations on how much protection sunscreens actually provide. Some people just steering clear from what's in sunscreens, altogether.

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