1. Packing Backpacks

    Jon packing a backpack


    How to Properly Pack a Backpack

    How to properly pack your backpack before heading out on the trail...

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  2. Arizona Heat & Hydration: Explained for Hikers

    Frying an egg in the Arizona heat


    How to Avoid & Treat Heat Illness on the Trail

    Before you know it'll be 110...million degrees outside and people will...

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  3. Boot Fits at The Shack

    Proper Boot Fit at The Arizona Hiking Shack


    How is your boot supposed to fit?

    Jon shows how we fit footwear at The Shack.

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  4. They are "Essential" for a reason!

    The Ten Essentials | Arizona Hiking Shack

    What are Your Ten Essentials?

    Whether for a day hike or the backcountry you will need a little bit of everything...just in case.

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  5. Hike Recommendation: Quartz Peak

    Quartz Peak in the Sierra Estrella Wilderness



    Sierra Estrella

    Recommended Day Hike

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