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  1. El Niño is Coming!

    El Niño is Coming!

    How will El Niño affect you this year?

    With an epic weather event forecasted for us this year, preparation is the key to comfort. It’s never fun getting caught in the rain…well, ok, sometimes it is. And it’s even less fun being cold in the rain. There are a lot of things that can make this winter comfortable, but a clothing choice can make or break that special trip. Even if you’re not planning on being around, weather is always a factor, so let us help you get prepared with two things in mind: function and fashion.

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  2. You're in Arizona, You Can't Stay Out of the Sun

    You're in Arizona, You Can't Stay Out of the Sun

    Sun Protective Clothing

    In Arizona, not being in the sun during the summer time isn't really an option. Most of us slather on our favorite sunscreen and go about our day from May to September. Sure, there are plenty of conversations on how much protection sunscreens actually provide. Some people just steering clear from what's in sunscreens, altogether.

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