1. Conquer the Trail with Comfort

    Conquer the Trail with Comfort: Four Lacing Methods for Hiking Boots

    Four Lacing Methods for Hiking Boots

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  2. Gear Maintenance 101

    Gear Maintenance 101: Tips for Keeping Your Outdoor Equipment in Top Condition

    Tips for Top Condition Outdoor Equipment

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  3. Challenging Tips from the Shack #1

    Phoenix Summic Challenge 2023


    CAMRA Classes

    New dates are posted.

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  4. Boot Fits at The Shack

    Proper Boot Fit at The Arizona Hiking Shack


    How is your boot supposed to fit?

    Jon shows how we fit footwear at The Shack.

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  5. Yes, We Have Footwear!

    Yes, We Have Footwear!

    Let us fit you to the perfect shoe!

    The Arizona Hiking Shack has earned its reputation for custom boot fitting. Over the years we have established a reliable system for finding the right fit for your feet as well as the right footwear solution for your adventure. Our method of boot fitting is based on the Phil Oren system.

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