Simple Camp Knots


2 Useful Camp Knots

Simple knots to know

I like to keep things simple. These are easy knots you already know and can do a ton of things for you. From tying gear to the top of your car to setting up a tent or tarp, I use these for almost everything.

Two Half Hitches on a Bight and the Truckers Hitch for tension will give you an easy, fast, adjustable tensioned line that has quick releases for even faster take down and ends with a clean, un-knotted, cord.

Of course, there are a plethora of knots you could use, and some of them might be faster or arguably hold a little better, but as I said, I like to keep things simple. You already know these if you tie your own shoes and… they work. I haven’t been in too many instances where I needed something stronger for my tarp guy outs. I use um for shade sails in my yard that withstand the Arizona monsoon, so… ‘nuff said.

Take a look and get a good Animated Knot App for your phone, practice while your watching the end of the world on TV and, viola! You’ll be ready.

Now go play outside, or knot.


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