Wilderness Survival


Online Zoom Class

Wilderness First Aid

2 Hours       10 Student Max     Level: Beginner to Intermediate       $45

This course covers established survival principles for handling emergencies in any remote environment with an emphasis on Southwest desert hazards.

Through live demonstrations, hands-on exercises, Q&A, and detailed PowerPoint presentation you will get the practical knowledge that can keep you alive!

There are about 600 Search and Rescue operations a year in Arizona. 40% of them for day hikers. Emergencies can happen to anyone. Do not become a statistic.

Course covers:

  • The Principles of survival & Attitude
  • The needs, Water, Shelter, Fire, Food
  • Navigation Basics
  • Extreme Weather & Environments
  • Animal Encounters
  • Helping Rescuers to help you
  • And much more.

Course is designed for any outdoor enthusiast; Backpacker, off-roader, climber, paddler, etc.

"You teach PSAR. Preventative Search and Rescue. This is great!

Mike England, Central Arizona Mountain Rescue Association SAR Team

Includes PDF information packet, access to PowerPoint presentation for future reference & 15% Off supplies coupon for AHS.


  • 1 Compass – Preferably with rotating dial (bezel)
  • Small Handheld Mirror – Anything small and highly reflective works.
  • 1 Piece of cord about 5 feet long. Like Para cord or a shoelace.
  • 1 Coin or small smooth object, Like a quarter, rock, mini Bic lighter or Lego.
  • 1 Bandana or Small Hank of Cloth – Even a T-Shirt works


About the Instructor:

Jonathan Mincks – Wilderness Skills & Safety Instructor

Mincks is a boondocks scholar who has been exploring the backcountry since in diapers. He carries multiple certifications and trainings in Advanced Wilderness First Aid, CPR, Wound Management, Caregiving, wilderness survival, desert survival, climbing, and outfitting.

Members of the Central Arizona Mountain Rescue Search and Rescue team have called his classes “PSAR” – Preventative Search and Rescue.

His fun practical approach and attention to up-to-date detail have garnered him acclaim from new enthusiasts to seasoned professionals alike.

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