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Backpacking 101       ~      Wilderness travel and camping


2 Hours          10 Student Max          Level: Beginner          Price: $20


This online Zoom class covers all the fundamentals pf Backpacking so you can hit the trail with confidence.

Basic know-how and good planning are the key to making a backcountry trip safe and successful. Knowing what to expect, what surprises can happen and how to handle them mitigates risk and lets you focus on the fun!

Ideal for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, this course is also great for families, travel and anyone wanting to get out there and stay awhile.


  • How to plan a trip with ease and on a budget
  • How to prepare yourself physically and mentally
  • What gear you need and how to pack and use it (and what you DON’T need)
  • Planning meals, water and sleeping comfortably
  • How to go to the “bathroom”
  • Leave No Trace practices
  • Pro tips & tricks for the trail and camp
  • Needs and awareness for Safety
  • And much more!

To follow along with some demos you may want to have these items on hand:

  • 1 Piece of cord about 5 feet long. Like Para cord or a shoelace.
  • 1 Coin or small smooth object, Like a quarter, rock, mini Bic lighter or Lego piece.
  • 1 Bandana or Small Hank of Cloth – Even a T-Shirt works
  • Cup or glass, preferably plastic and large

These items are needed for you to participate fully in exercises during this online zoom class.


CLASS SIZE is kept small (10 attendees) to facilitate questions and individual attention.

CLASS INCLUDES: 15% off one time coupon for an AHS purchase and when you create a Shack account you'll be given a 10% Discount for all future purchases as a part of the Arizona Hiking Shack family.


Square Design



Jonathan Mincks – Wilderness Skills & Safety Instructor

Mincks is a boondocks scholar who has been exploring the backcountry since in diapers. His life-long study and engagement in wilderness skills and emergency response has earned him multiple credentials in; Advanced Wilderness First Aid, CPR, Natural Medicine, Wilderness Survival, Desert Survival, Paddling Specialist and Outfitting.

His approach to teaching is renowned for being practical, thorough, inspiring and current.  His attention to detail and current "hacks" has garnered him acclaim from new enthusiasts and seasoned professionals alike.


"What you teach is PSAR, Preventative Search and Rescue"

Members of the Central Arizona Mountain Rescue Association (CAMRA) Search and Rescue team after watching Mincks in action.