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Hiking & Backpacking orienteering made easy. Learn all the Basics of navigating the backcountry using a compass, map and your wits.


2 Hours             10 Student Max             Level: Beginner & Intermediate             Price: $35




How to find your way, find where you are and find the way to help in an emergency! You will learn and understand all the basics of map & compass use for backcountry navigation.

You will learn:

  • Understanding the baseplate compass and how to use it
  • Learn to read a topographic map
  • The techniques that make it easy
  • Understand true north and magnetic north (declination) and how to account for it
  • Use a compass to take a bearing, plot your position on a map, and understand a route plan
  • Emergency Azimuths and how they can help



CLASS SIZE is kept small (10 attendees max) to facilitate questions, individual attention and safe practices during the pandemic if in-store. Masks are required in-store.

CLASS INCLUDES: 10% discount for all AHS purchases when you create a Shack account as part of the Arizona Hiking Shack family.


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