Great Tasting Freeze Dried Food Options for the Outdoors

Need fast, delicious meals in the backcountry?

Want to carry the largest portions at the lowest possible weight? Consider Mountain House food. With choices like chicken & mashed potatoes, and lasagna with meat sauce, you don’t feel so far from your kitchen table after all. Delicious hot and cold breakfast pouches are available as well. Just add four ounces of cold water to our granola with milk and blueberries, and hit the trail, fast!

Our favorites at “The Shack” are beef stroganoff with noodles, chicken & dumplings, and pasta primavera. The favorite hot breakfast dish, of course, is breakfast skillet with hash brown potatoes, scrambled eggs and sausage flavored with peppers and onions. This is protein-packed flavor to start your engine. Second most popular breakfast is biscuits and gravy. Just want to add water? Granola for you.

Kids tend to like the spaghetti and meat sauce, followed by chicken teriyaki. We even have ice cream bars, which is always a crowd pleaser at any age.

All of the Mountain House food line is freeze dried, which means you will enjoy the shortest prep time (just boil water) and wait times between 5-15 minutes with very little clean-up, because you eat right out of the pouch it comes in. Watching your Calories, protein, or fat? Calories range from 200-440 per serving and protein values as high as 22 grams per serving are available (mashed potatoes and chicken anyone?) Going lean? Chicken teriyaki and rice has only 2 grams of fat per serving. Need a single serving to cut package size and weight? Try a pro-pak. If you are up for sharing, then a regular pouch is best. The Arizona Hiking Shack is extremely well-stocked with a wide variety of entrees to suit any outdoorsperson. Of course, our staff regularly eat the products sold at the Hiking Shack, so ask your sales rep for their favorites!