Hiking Does the Body Good

Hiking Does the Body Good

I know you’ve heard that milk does the body good.  Well, so does hiking…and it may be even better for you. Just as milk helps the body with calcium for stronger bones, hiking not only aids the physical you but the mental you.


The obvious benefits hiking provides are strengthening of many of the muscles from the glutes down, boosting bone density, and improving your blood pressure. A significant mental benefit is how well it helps the fight on stress and anxiety.

Oh, so you’re already up and at ‘em? Then it’s time to pick up your game. Check out these six tips to turn your hike into a stronger cardio workout:

Ok, What Now?

Now that you’re in the groove to make the most of your hiking, ensure you are staying safe by bringing a buddy and be familiar with your trail.

Stay safe and share you photos and experiences with us!

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