SMC Aluminum Descending Ring

SMC Descending Ring

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SMC Descending Ring

The original rappel rings. SMC Descending Rings are light-weight, one-piece aluminum rings which are used as part of a non-permanent rappel anchor.
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They are intended to protect webbing or cordage anchors from wear caused by pulling your rope. The low cost means you don’t have to think twice if the situation requires leaving some behind. In addition, Descending Rings are often incorporated creatively in various rescue rigging applications and are used as components in the manufacture of many different products including equipment bags and tents.

SMC Descending Rings are manufactured from a single piece of aircraft quality aluminum to ensure consistent quality, durability, and maximum reliability. Not intended for top roping. Always use caution when rappelling.  


  • Multi-Pitch Climbing
  • Canyoneering 
  • Mountaineering / Ice Climbing
  • Mountain Rescue 
  • Theatrical & Event Rigging
  • Manufacturing 


  • Model #: 81600
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Finish: Bright
  • Dimensions: Inside Diameter 1.5" / Outside Diameter 2”
  • Thickness: 0.3”
  • Weight: 0.4 oz (11g)
  • 3 Sigma MBS: 14kN (3,147 lbf)
  • Made In USA
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