ACA Canyon Leader / Guide Course - Arizona Canyon & Rock Adventures

Oct 26, 2018 9:00 AM - Oct 26, 2018 4:00 PM
Scottsdale, Arizona
Details ($495.00 per person) Not solely for professional guides; leadership skills are essential for clubs and youth program volunteers, and are extremely useful for anyone who descends canyons with less experienced partners. The Canyon Leader/Guide Course combines technical and experiential learning. The course represents the industry standard of training both for aspiring guides and for practitioners of adventure-based and experiential education. Participants will have opportunities to enhance and hone skills, experience personal growth and develop leadership abilities. Topics covered include: • Problem-solving and decision-making methodologies, group dynamics and facilitation, situational adaptation of leadership styles • The importance of both objective (technical) and subjective (human) leadership skills • Hazard identification, risk assessment and management, avoiding heuristic traps in decision-making • Site management and transition safety systems (moving and stationary sites, low-risk and high-risk), appropriate leader positions for optimal group management • Advanced sequencing strategies, bump-and-go vs leap-froging • Contextual selection of appropriate belay systems - top rope, bottom, self-belay, twin rope self-belay, running belay, 2:1 belay • Static and dynamic courtesy rigging for difficult rappel starts • Pre-rigging and stacked rappels, single rope and twin rope tandem rappels • Twin rope, yo-yo, 2:1, and other specialized rigging systems and techniques for efficiently moving a group through challenging terrain Prerequisites: This course is intended for active experienced canyoneers who already possess a good foundation of anchor, rigging and on-rope skills.
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ACA Canyon Leader / Guide Course - Arizona Canyon & Rock Adventures