Advanced Canyon Rescue - AZ Rock & Climbing Adventures

Oct 20, 2018 9:00 AM - Oct 20, 2018 4:01 PM
Details ($95 per person) This workshop is focused on perfecting many of the core skills performed on rope along with basic rescue situations. On Rope Techniques allow you to become competent and comfortable ascending or descending regardless of any impediments such as knots in the rope or gear restrictions. Understanding and being comfortable with the concepts of safe rope movement will allow situations to be addressed from the moment you rig on rope to the time your feet touch bottom. Companion Rescue touches on ways to address common issues encountered such as stuck items in rappel device a companion in need of assistance down a rappel. We will spend the day focusing on a very particular set of skills using a hands on approach that allows each individual to practice and master the techniques presented. Technical skills covered: >SELECTING AND USING MULTI-PURPOSE GEAR >ADAPTING LIGHT-WEIGHT ROPES AND GEAR FOR TECHNICAL RESCUE >ANCHOR CONSIDERATIONS IN RESCUE >SPECIALIZED SINGLE-ROPE AND TWIN-ROPE RIGGING >BELAY SYSTEMS >CONVERTING STATIC RIGGING TO LOWERING >DROPPED LOOP LIFT (2:1) >BASIC MECHANICAL ADVANTAGE HAUL SYSTEMS >CONVERTING TOP ROPE BELAY TO RAISE >GUIDE ROPES AND TAG LINES FOR RAPPELLING, LOWERING AND RAISING >SKATE BLOCKS FOR RAISING >ASCENDING AND TRANSITIONS ON FIXED ROPES >TANDEM RAPPELS AND PICK-OFFS >BALANCIER PICK-OFF ON TENSIONED ROPE >IMPROVISED PATIENT CARRIES *The rescue workshop will pull various skills from the list above based on time.
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Advanced Canyon Rescue - AZ Rock & Climbing Adventures