San Francisco Peaks Inner Basin - AZ Trailblazers Hiking Club

Sep 29, 2018 6:00 AM - Sep 29, 2018 2:00 PM
The Hike - Starting at 8,565 feet from Lockett Meadow, the trail climbs gradually but steadily through thick forests of pine, fir, and aspen to the Inner Basin of the San Francisco Peaks. The Inner Basin is actually the inside of a collapsed volcano created from one of Mt. Humphrey’s past eruptions over a million years ago. The city of Flagstaff gets much of its water supply from the Inner Basin, and we will pass two large pump houses along the way that supply this water to the city. At 1.5 miles we’ll reach a trail junction consisting of several service roads and a cluster of buildings. We’ll take the middle road at this junction and make a left turn shortly beyond. We then follow this road for another half mile into the Inner Basin. The basin is a wonderland of expansive meadows and wildflowers surrounded by dense forests of Douglas fir, blue spruce, and acres of aspen. The entire basin itself is then surrounded by the towering San Francisco Peaks of Humphreys, Agassiz, Fremont, and Doyle. We’ll plan on stopping here for lunch, photo opportunities, and exploring before returning to the trailhead on the same route. This hike is described in Flagstaff Hikes by Richard & Sherry Mangum, 6th edition, page 82. This hike is described in Arizona’s Best Wildflower Hikes: The High Country by Christine Maxa, page 52. Required: • Sturdy hiking boots • At least 3 liters of water • Rain poncho • Hat, sunblock, sunglasses Recommended: • Lunch or snacks • Camera Distance - 6 miles round trip Elevation Change - +-1500' elevation change Elevations - 8,562' at the trailhead to 9,797' at the Inner Basin Time - 4-5 hours with lunch On trail - 100% — Inner Basin Trail #29 Dogs? - no Cost - Sharing gas expenses with the driver. The club also allows voluntary contributions of $5 per non-member. Leader - Lin Chao Yen You must e-mail leader to confirm. Limit of 16 people (4 cars) due to limited parking spaces at Lockett Meadow. Meet - 6:00 AM in the Fry’s parking lot on the SW corner of I-17 & Bell Road. Park behind Denny’s, near the entrance to the Deer Valley Park & Ride. Drive - • Take I-17 north to Flagstaff. • Pick up U.S. 89 in Flagstaff and drive north for 12 miles to Sunset Crater National Monument. Sunset Crater is on the east (right) side of the road. • Make a left turn just opposite of the monument onto Shultz Pass Road (FR 420). • Drive for a half-mile to a T-junction and make a right turn here to FR 552. Continue following the signs to Lockett Meadow. • At 3.0 miles turn right onto Lockett Meadow Road and the campground entrance. Park by the Lockett Meadow Campground restroom and walk just past the second parking area to the Inner Basin Trailhead. • FR 420 and 552 are both graded dirt roads, steep and narrow and badly rutted in places, but passable in passenger cars. High clearance is preferable.
Lin Chao Yen
San Francisco Peaks Inner Basin - AZ Trailblazers Hiking Club