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Prepping 101       ~      Practical Emergency Preparedness


2 Hours          10 Student Max          Level: Beginner to Intermediate          Price: $30


The dynamic nature of emergencies can be overwhelming. This class lays-out and simplifies the preperation process with practical, usable, and detailed direction. You will learn simple, low cost strategies for self-reliance, security, and peace of mind. Being prepared doesn’t have to be stressful or break the bank, and it doesn’t involve zombies and bunkers.

We cover the mind-set, principles, and elements of how to prepare for unexpected modern emergencies and disruptions. Through instructionals, demonstrations, hands-on exercises, Q&A, and detailed presentation you will get the practical knowledge that can keep you and your family safe and ready!

Ideal for those looking for help getting started and those wanting new ideas to bolster existing preps, this 2-hour course is also great for parents, individuals living alone or away from home.

Course covers:

  • The Principles of Emergency Preparedness
  • Building a healthy foundation to work from
  • Emergency Plan Development
  • Disaster, Environmental and Situational Awareness
  • Security and self-reliance
  • Essential needs for Home and Evacuation
  • Kits, Tips and Tricks for common emergencies
  • And more


PLEASE NOTE: Some information and images in class may be disturbing.

CLASS SIZE is kept small (10 attendees) to facilitate questions, individual attention and safe practices during the pandemic. Masks are required in-store.

CLASS INCLUDES: 10% discount for all AHS purchases when you create a Shack account as part of the Arizona Hiking Shack family.

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Jonathan Mincks – Wilderness Skills & Safety Instructor. WFR

Mincks is a boondocks scholar who has been exploring the backcountry since in diapers. His life-long study and engagement in wilderness skills and emergency response has earned him multiple credentials in; Wilderness First Responder, CPR, Natural Medicine, Wilderness Survival, Desert Survival, and Outfitting. His experience in urban and rural survivalist living comes from living in a survivalists community for over a decade. Since then he has studied with the Red Cross, FEMA associates, the society of living history and practiced urban preparedness with other like-minded individuals. His study has only grown during the present national and international disruption.

His approach to teaching is renowned for being practical, thorough, inspiring and current.  His attention to detail and current "hacks" has garnered him acclaim from new enthusiasts and seasoned professionals alike.


"What you teach is PSAR, Preventative Search and Rescue"

Members of the Central Arizona Mountain Rescue Association (CAMRA) Search and Rescue team after watching Mincks in action.