Backcountry First Aid


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Online Zoom Class

Backcountry First Aid

2 Hours      10 Student Max    Level: Beginner to Intermediate    $45

This live/online course for self-reliance covers the principles and protocols for basic first aid in the backcountry. Essential wilderness medical basics.

Using Zoom Conferencing, PowerPoint Presentation and Live On-Camera Instruction with professional lighting and sound you get detailed info, hands-on exercises and Q & A sessions in hi-definition.

You will learn how to treat and manage the most common injuries & illness associated with backcountry travel and manage the more severe problems that can occur.

Ideal for hikers, backpackers, off roarers, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts and those with little first aid knowledge, this course is also great for home, travel and anybody interested in preparedness.

Course Covers Information & Training Exercises, including:

  • The Principles of Remote First Aid, Scene Survey & Patient Assessment
  • Dehydration & Heat Exhaustion
  • Blisters, Burns, Cuts & Scraps
  • Sprains & Strains
  • Pricks, Bites & Stings
  • Overview of CPR and Severe Trauma
  • Personal Protective Equipment and First Aid Kit Components

and much more.


YOU WILL NEED: These items are needed for you to participate fully in exercises during this on-line zoom class.

  • 1 Pair of gloves, surgical or similar
  • 1 ACE Bandage or Gauze Roll Bandage or 4 foot piece of cloth
  • 1 Bandana or similar size hank of cloth
  • 1 Stick. Pencil or Pen or similar sized Stick


PLEASE NOTE: Some information and images in class are graphic and may be disturbing.

CLASS INCLUDES: PDF information packet, access to PowerPoint presentation for future reference & 15% Off supplies coupon for AHS.

CLASS SIZE is kept small (10 attendees) to facilitate questions and individual attention.

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CONFIRMATION EMAIL within 48 hrs of booking class will contain information you will need. Some classes require a list of items you will want to have ready at class time to participate in exercises. We’ve kept these simple. You probably have everything needed in your house. If not, these are easily attainable at a market or drug.

All AHS Classes have a 4-PERSON MINIMUM.

CLASS CUT-OFF for sign up is 3 Days (72 hours) prior to class.

IF WE CANCEL class for low attendance, payment is refunded or applied to another class or event, your choice. Cancelations take place 72 hours prior to class if needed via email.

IF YOU NEED TO CANCEL PRIOR to 72 hours before class you will receive a full refund. Any cancellations by attendees LESS than 72 hours prior to class cannot be refunded but can be applied to another class.



Jonathan Mincks – Wilderness Skills & Safety Instructor

Mincks is a boondocks scholar who has been exploring the backcountry since in diapers. His life-long study and engagement in wilderness skills and emergency response has earned him multiple certifications and trainings in; Advanced Wilderness First Aid, CPR, Natural Medicine, Wilderness Survival, Desert Survival, and Outfitting.

Members of the Central Arizona Mountain Rescue Association Search and Rescue team have called his classes “PSAR” – Preventative Search and Rescue.

His inspiring approach to teaching is renown for being practical, thorough, and current.  His attention to detail has garnered him acclaim from new enthusiasts to seasoned professionals alike.