0547, 054701 CAMP Safety Pilot Ascender

CAMP Pilot Ascender

2258, 2259 CAMP Safety Turbo Foot Ascender

CAMP Turbo Foot Ascender

Petzl Am’D Lightweight asymmetrical carabiner

Petzl Am'D

CAMP Pilot Ascender

Handled ascender for rope ascent. Ergonomic handle with easy-to-use button for disengaging the cam. Aluminum alloy body, cam is made of precision-cast stainless steel.

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Certified according to EN 12841/B for semi-static ropes ranging from 10 to 13 mm and EN 567 for ropes from 8 to 13 mm.


Weight: 210 g

SKU: 0547 Right / 054701 Left / 054703 Right Black / 054704 Left Black

Rope Diameters: 8-13 mm
Standards: EN 12841/B – EN 567

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