Boat Pump

Boat Pump

Personal Flotation Device

Personal Flotation Device


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Boat Pump

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Boat Pump


NRS: Commercial outfitters swear that NRS Barrel pumps are built to last, get wet, and get used. Carlisle: Save time and energy pumping up your raft. Carlson pumps are made to last, using heavy-duty PVC and a foam O-ring seal that does not require grease. The Barrel pumps combine a wide base for sure footing while inflating a raft. Rugged one-way check valve lets this pump work with all types of inflation valves. Made of heavy duty PVC The 6.5' flexible hose tucks into the webbing carry handle for storing on your raft. The NRS 5" diameter pump stands 2.5' high and has a stroke volume of 1.8 Gal/Stroke, 6.7 L/Stroke. The Carlisle 4" diameter pump stands 24" high and has a stroke volume of 0.9 Gal/Stroke, 3.5 L/Stroke



  • Size: 5" Diameter x 2.5' Tall
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Volume: 1.8 Gal/Stroke, 6.7 L/Stroke
  • Hose Length: 6.5' Flexible Hose


  • Size: 4" Diameter x 24" Height
  • Volume: 0.9 Gal/Stroke, 3.5 L/Stroke
  • Hose Length: 7' Non-kink hose


  • Made of heavy duty PVC
  • Has a carry handle

* Free with boat rental

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