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Putting Our Name On It 

In the Phoenix area, the Arizona Hiking Shack name is known pretty well in the outdoor community. We also have a bit of a following in climbing and hiking forums across the country. Not bad for a mom & pop! For those that prefer to shop local (THANK YOU!), it's been a great way to support local business, hopefully keeping "The Shack" around for another 50 years. Starting out as practically a literal shack on Cave Creek Road, known mostly to prospectors, the Arizona Hiking Shack moved to its 11,000+ square foot building and expanded to bring in more than before.

Banking on our name and reputation through word of mouth (and our big yellow sign) as a “go to” outdoor store has been what we’ve been content with for several decades. With one of the largest, if not the largest, climbing sections in Arizona and our custom boot fitting to ensure you leave with the perfect pair of boots, we have done well with return and passerby new business. Not to mention, our rental department with camping, hiking, watercraft and prospecting equipment you can try before you buy is another reason people come back to “The Shack.”

Throughout the years, we’ve had customers ask if we had swag for sale. We’ve never felt the need to bugle our own horn, but when people want to give you money, the decision is already made.

So, we went out and had some stuff made with varying designs to see what you liked. First, we tried t-shirts; we hadn’t done any in quite a while. Our rattlesnake versions were pretty popular, and our new Native American inspired design has been well received. With that inspiration, we ventured into a smaller endeavor…stickers.

We knew we had to find a great quality sticker that would last in the Arizona sun. We had already been using clear stickers on our rental equipment with good success. All that was left to do was to come up with a design, the easy part, right? We tried several ideas and kinds of stickers: square, rectangle, clear, and die-cut. But our favorite so far has been the holographic; our mini sign one, especially. The colors work great, and the sun brings them out perfectly.  

It's a small step but we'll definitely look for more opportunities to share our brand merch with you. If you have any ideas, let us know and we'll see what we can do.



In case you're interested, we got our holographic stickers made by Sticker Mule. Get on their mailing list for some great deals!