4 Ways to Get Active in 2019

4 Ideas for 2019

We Can Help to Make the Most Out of the New Year! Let's Go Outside!

It's 2019 and you're itching to get at those New Year's resolutions, right?


If you're looking to get out and enjoy the weather and local trails, hiking will definitely do the trick. A great way to get your heart rate up, jumping on a trail will get you the exercise and love our great state has to offer you. The Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club has several different day hikes each month with a few overnighters sprinkled in. Hiking with the Trailblazers is free, except for any pre-paid passes or park entrance feels that are required. They're happy to have you join them. A $5 voluntary contribution per non-member is allowed, should you want to donate to the club. Need a trekking pole or camping equipment for a weekend trip? Check out our rental equipment page for everything you’ll need to make it a great trip.


Rock climbing is one of the best overall activities you can put your body through. For 55 years, the Arizona Mountaineering Club (AMC) has been “hanging out” as some of the best places around Arizona. Whether you comfort zone is indoors or pulling a 5.9 on Sphinctre Boy, the AMC can put you at ease with your choice. Annual memberships to the club are $40 per person or $50 for a family. Oh, and a membership gets you a discount in our store!


Looking to jump into canyoneering with both feet, but you’ve never even touched a rope? Rappel away with Arizona Rock & Canyon Adventures. They have the course for you, from novice to lead climbing. The Intro to Canyoneering Course is $295 and done at North Mountain Park over two days. The “Teach/Show/Do method works great toyou’re your new skills to use.


Of course, when you think of Arizona, you think of water! Mostly because you want to drink it, but there’s more out there to be had. Our friends at South by Southwest Adventures provide all you’ll need to have some fun on the water. The Crew can help with rentals, planning a trip, or provide a guide to take you down the river or out to the lake. They’ll teach you to enjoy your surroundings, how tips for success, and have you wanting to come back again.


You can’t say we haven’t tried to help with getting you outside and keep your resolutions. Make sure you get out there and enjoy yourself!

If you find yourself needing something to help you make the most of your adventure, be sure to check out our Shack Rentals Page. And if it’s something you end up needing permanently, use the rental cost as a discount to purchase a new one!

Take care and see you outside!