2021 Tower Rodeo Challenge


Tower Challenge Winners Crowned

Congrats to Peak Rescue!

The Second Annual TRX Championship, put on by Tower Safety & Instruction, took place on December 3rd and 4th looking to draw tower technicians from across the country and promote tower safety through safe and educational competition. Kathy Gill organized several sponsors and dealers and put on another outstanding event.

Seven teams came together to showcase their skills in this two-day event, whittling down the competitors to a final duo. Two strong, but differing strategies were implemented, headlining the classic tortoise and hare race. Just as Aesop spun in his tale’s moral of slow and steady wins the race, one team, Micah Rush and Eric Christensen of Peak Rescue, crossed the line as this year's champs.

Many thanks to Petzl, CMC, Skylotec, Buckingham, Elk River, Ronin Revolution and others that were present to show their wares and support the quest of the technicians. They also provided a generous number of prizes and gift certificates to the top four teams.

Thank you to all that attended, and we look forward to seeing you again next year!

Dale Stewart, AHS Rescue