Backpacking Class

Jun 13 Backpacking 101

Jun 13 Backpacking 101

Thursday June 13st,  6:00 – 9:00 PM (Arizona Time)

IN-STORE CLASS     3 Hours     12 Student Max

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

How to Start Backpacking with confidence. From planning to Camp.


Class limited to 15 spots to facilitate personal attention and Q & A. If you see "The requested qty is not available" error when purchasing, please reduce your requested quantity or choose another class date.

Availability: In stock

Basic know-how and good planning are the keys to making a backcountry trip safe and successful. Knowing what to expect, what surprises can happen and how to handle them mitigates risk and lets you focus on the fun! This class covers all the fundamentals so you can hit the trail with confidence and experience the proven physical and mental health benefits of being out in nature.

Through live demonstrations, hands-on activities, Q&A, and detailed graphic PowerPoint presentation you will get the practical knowledge that gives you confidence! 

Ideal for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, this course is also great for families, travel and anyone wanting to get out there and stay awhile.


How to plan a trip with ease and on a budget
How to prepare yourself physically and mentally
What gear you need and how to pack and use it (and what you DON’T need)
Planning meals, water and sleeping comfortably
How to go to the “bathroom” (spoiler, there's no "room")
Leave No Trace practices
Pro tips & tricks for the trail and camp
Needs and awareness for Safety
And much more!

CLASS SIZE is kept small (10 attendees) to facilitate questions and individual attention.

CLASS INCLUDES: 10% Off AHS purchases when you create a Shack account you'll be given a 10% Discount for future purchases as part of the Arizona Hiking Shack family.


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You can see class recommended gear here



CONFIRMATION EMAIL within 48 hrs of booking class will contain information you will need. Some classes require a list of items you will want to have ready at class time to participate in exercises. We’ve kept these simple. You probably have everything needed in your house. If not, these are easily attainable at a market or drug.
ALL AHS CLASSES HAVE A 4-PERSON MINIMUM. If minimum is not met class can be cancelled.
CLASS CUT-OFF for registration sign up is 3 Days (72 hours) prior to class.
IF WE CANCEL class for low attendance, payment is refunded or applied to another class or event, your choice. Cancelations take place 72 hours prior to class if needed via email.
IF YOU NEED TO CANCEL PRIOR to 72 hours before class you will receive a full refund. Any cancellations by attendees LESS than 72 hours prior to class cannot be refunded but can be applied to another class.
A waiver will need to be signed and returned via email for this class.


Jonathan Mincks, WFR, C.E.R.T.

Jonathan Mincks is a naturalist, Wilderness First Responder and instructor of wilderness self-reliance at the Arizona Hiking Shack/AHS Rescue. He teaches modern wilderness survival, outdoor recreation skills & safety, bushcraft, emergency response & urban preparedness. His educational programs for youth and adults have garnered him praise from new enthusiasts and seasoned professionals alike.

Holding multiple certifications and distinctions in industry standards, (e.g., WFR, Community Emergency Response Team training, M.I.L.E.S. Desert Survival training, AMC Climbing, etc....), Mincks is also a Boondocks Scholar* who has been exploring the backcountry since he was in diapers. His practical approach & experience are only rivaled by his infectious passion, broad knowledge and witty perspective on self-reliance that confounds the important nature of the subject. He turns survival into "serious fun" for those who work or play in the backcountry because, "in the end, it is a positive attitude that will prevail."

Mincks is a go-to consultant for national and regional TV, news and media concerning outdoor recreation and safety. He has worked in the outdoor industry for over 20 years on trail crews, as a guide, outfitter, medic, instructor, and outreach specialist. He heads the education program for Arizona Hiking Shack and teaches intermittently with ASU Desert Humanities Dept., Baden Powell University, Boy Scouts & Girls Scouts of America, home school families & programs, various public school systems, city programs and the Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department.

 *Boondocks Scholar. adjective. Possessing an outlook of being on a perpetual field trip. A lifelong student of the outdoors who continuously studies and practices life in the backcountry. 


"You teach is PSAR, Preventative Search and Rescue. It’s great!"    Member of the Central Arizona Mountain Rescue Association (CAMRA) Search and Rescue team after auditing his classes.



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