The Shack in the Wild - Scott

Name: Scott     Hometown: Ossian, Indiana

Scott is a sales team member and our resident fishing & hiking expert.

Q. What is your favorite outdoor activity?
A. Fishing. I become very relaxed while fishing and studying nature and the elements.

Q. Where is one of your favorite places to go and get away?
A. I love the White Mountains area of Arizona. This area has many hiking/camping opportunities and lakes/streams to fish. The abundance of large wild game is always a given.

Q. What is your "must have item" that you bring with you every trip?
A. My Suunto Traverse watch is my must have. I’ve found my fear of extending any hike is greatly diminished knowing my watch will lead me back to safety.

Q. What's the one thing people should know about safety and your favorite activity?
A. Chance favors the prepared. Always have your licenses/permits required for your activity. Always limit exposure by using the proper outer layers.

Q. What was your latest "big" accomplishment?
A. On my 65th birthday, I hiked the complete Trail 100, all 11 miles, in just under 3 hours. Not bad for 65!

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