The Shack in the Wild - Jon

Jon Mincks via Phoenis New Times
Photo courtesy of Phoenix New Times

Name: Jon      Hometown: Tucson, Arizona

Jon is "The Shack" Instructor for Desert Safety and Backpacking.

Q. What is your favorite outdoor activity?
A. I really enjoy camping in the middle of nowhere. The backpacking to get there isn't bad either. I also enjoy hiking, bushcraft, and survival.

Q. Where is one of your favorite places to go and get away?
A. That place I haven't been yet, because I haven't been there yet. Familiar spots are the Rim area, the Superstitions, and Catalina Island.

Q. What is your "must have item" that you bring with you every trip?
A. A good knife. It is the one do-it-all multi-use tool that I don't like to be without. Oh and you won't get anywhere without good footwear.

Q. What's the one thing people should know about safety and your favorite activity?
A. Be prepared for the unexpected. The more ya know, the less ya take. Even in short hikes, everyone should carry the ten essentials.

Q. Are there any professionals you look up to or follow?
A. Les Stroud. He does it by himself. If I get in a situation, I think "What would Les do?"

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